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Register a new domain name

Each Skipperblogs site comes with a free address, such

With a paid plan, you can register a custom domain name such as to use instead of your site’s default address. This guide will show you how to register a new domain on Skipperblog.


Your domain will show the website you created on Skipperblogs without the ‘Skipperblogs’ name in the address. Instead of a site address like, visitors can reach your site with an address like The old address will redirect to the new domain.

Register a domain

Go to the page AdministrationSettings Domain name

and click on  Add a domain  and then on  Order a domain.

Enter the domain to be registered in the search field and select the desired domain extension if necessary (.com .net .fr etc...). Click on Verify and the system will check if the domain is available.

If the domain is available, you can click on the add to cart button to order it. The creation price is the price you will pay in the first year for the domain name. The renewal price is the price for subsequent years.

You will then asked to enter your personal information. This mandatory data, required by ICANN, is essential to certify the ownership of your domain name. This data is transmitted directly to the domain name registrar and is not retained by Skipperblogs.

Once payment is confirmed, the new domain should be operational within 1-2 hours. On rare cases, there may be a 24 to 72 hours before your domain becomes active. This period is often referred to as propagation time. Meanwhile, the domain may not load at all, load randomly or only load in certain locations. This is explained by the fact that servers around the world are still in update course, from ICANN servers to servers local Internet service providers.
Some servers are only updated once or twice a day. We have no control over the spread of domains and no how to speed up the process.

Your site will still be accessible from the base subdomain, but your visitors will be redirected to the new domain name.