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Import from

Using the Skipperblogs import tool, you can import articles from your website.

Preparing the export file

Before importing your items to Skipperblogs, you will need to export them from your Sailbogs account. They are exported in .txt format with the help of the backup tool.

To create this backup file, log in your Sailblogs account and go to Blog Manager → Backup. Click on Create new export file and then Downoad Export file in order to download the export file on your device.

Importing content

On your Skipperblogs account, go to Dashboard Modules Import/Export Importation and click on the Sailbogs import module.

Select the previously downloaded .txt  file from Sailblogs, your Sailblogs' blog address and click on Uploader et examiner

The system will read your file and display the content found. You can then review all the items that will be imported to your site before initiate the import.

Depending on the size of your site and especially the number of images to import, the process can take several minutes. You do not need to keep the window open during the process; an email will be sent to you when the import is successful.