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Cruising is about repairing your boat in exotic locations.

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How to share the live map on another website ?

If you already have a website or want to show the live map on a third website, you can use the map sharing feature.

The map can then be displayed as a widget or full page on any website.

How to embed the map ?

Go to DashboardNavigation Map sharing to retrieve the embedding code.

By default the map is displayed on 500 pixels high and on all available width. You can change the height value according to your needs. Just copy all the HTML code and past it on your existing website.

Some platforms may not support IFrame tag in the content; in this case, refer to the help or support of this content manager.

How to personalize the map ?

The map shared on a third website and the map displayed on your Skipperblogs site share the same settings. If you change the map background, the vessel icon and the trace color via the Map Settings, your changes will also appear on the shared map.