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Coral creates its own “sunscreen” by producing coral fluoresce.

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You vote, I develop

If you think a feature is missing on Skipperblogs, you can propose your idea and submit it to the vote of other users. Ideas gathering the most votes will be developed first.

Click on to vote for an idea. You can only vote once per item.

Idea Proposed by Votes
Mini blog posts on the map

Allow mini blog posts on the map interface itself

YB tracking support

Support of YB for tracking
Brnkl tracking support

Support of Brnkl for tracking
Stockage en ligne

Si on pouvait directement aller chercher les photos dans notre compte google photo, ou autre stockage en ligne ce serait vraiment pratique. Actuellement il faut les télécharger sur l’ordinateur puis les uploader sur skipperblog.

Ability to Compose blogs offline using a tool like on of these

Ability to compose blogs, including image layout using a tool like one of the ones listed in this article... I have used MarsEdit on a Mac and Windows liver writer on a pc.... however there are many comparable options.
Adresse de destination des commentaires

Serait-il possible de rentrer manuellement l'email sur lequel on reçoit les commentaires ? En mettant une adresse iridium il serait possible de les recevoir hors réseau.

Custom Boat Icons

Map would really benefit from custom Boat icons.
Additional contact details

We have multiple email contact details (gmail account for boat, myiridium account etc.) and multiple phone numbers, (Cell, Iridium...) Can you add multiple entries in the contacts fields

enable tracks to be linked to categories

I have recorded multiple journeys over the years. I'd like to tag a different track to each category so that on the map you can filter by category and see e.g. 2023 routes

Development in progress or developped
Idea Proposed by Status
Batch update of articles in the list

be able to apply category to multiple article at a time. Also change status, delete, etc...

This feature is now available
Add substance to the support portal

Developpement in progress
Permit tracks to be edited better

Right now, all I can do is add points at one of the ends of a track but I cannot move track points or insert points where the tracker missed something.

This feature is now available
Title on pictures in galleries

Be able to add a title of a picture loaded in a gallery.

This feature is now available
Notification on comment answers

If a person writes a comment and this comment get an answer, the person should receive a notification E-mail

This feature is now available
Autosave for Blog Posts in Progress

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need to keep hitting the "save" button! I've lost changes many times!


This feature is now available