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The first person to circumnavigate the world alone was Joshua Slocum (1898).

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How to publish an article via E-mail ?

To see the instructions and your personal publishing address, go to DashboardBlogContent E-mail publish .

What is E-mail publishing ?

Publishing by E-mail allows you to create and publish a blog article by sending a simple E-mail in a certain format. Your email client does not matter, you can send an e-mail from your phone, your Iridium device, from a browser etc....

You send your formatted article to your personal publishing E-mail address and the system reads it and if all the information is correct, publishes a new article on your blog. So you don’t need to have access to a computer and a browser to update your blog. For example, you can share your experiences during long ocean crossings.

How does it work ?

On the page DashboardBlog ContentMail publish  you will find your personal and unique publishing address for your emails. This is the e-mail address you have to send your e-mail for publication.

In your email client, create a new email by entering your destination personal address as recipient of your E-mail.

The body of the e-mail will be used as the content of your article. The subject of the e-mail will be used as the title of the article. These are the only elements required to publish an article

How to add images ?

You can add images to your text in the e-mail. They will be copied and added to the same place in the article. However, if you add an image as an attachment and not in the text, it will be added as a cover image.


How to add some pictures ?

You can organise your article in a specific category by adding the tag


You need to specify the category slug and not it's title (they are not always the same). You can find the slug of each category in the categories list.

If you do not add a tag specifying a category or if the system could not find the category corresponding to the tag, the article will be published in the default category Not categorized.

How to add your position ?

You can geotag the article by inserting the coordinates of latitude and longitude with the tags




according to this format (between square brackets and without spaces) to add the coordinates. Coordinates must be in Decimal Degrees and Minutes (DMM) or Decimal Degrees (DD): 41.40338, 2.17403. In this second case, the North and East coordinates will be recorded in positive numbers and the South and West coordinates will be recorded in negative numbers.

Without this accurate formatting, the system will not be able to save your article.

Note about your publishing address

Your publishing address (  is an alias and uses the Plus-Addressing format in order to identify your account. This format of E-mail address, thus being a standard, is sometimes not accepted by certain mobile application. They will display an error stating that the e-mail address is not valid. In that case, we suggest that you use a more popular E-mail client in order to send your articles via your publishing address.