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If you plan to create a website or if you are new to Skipperblogs, here is a list of 'questions and answers' that will hopefully help you better understand the platform and its features.

  • Why should I choose Skipperblogs over another solution?
    Skipperblogs was born at sea during my voyage around the Atlantic. I wanted to tell my adventures and discoveries online while having my position live updated on a map (even for bluewater cruising). The platform was developed onboard S/V Telemaque with the collaboration of many other cruisers sailing around the world.
    Therefore, its features fit the living conditions of the sailboat, the onboard equipment, as well as weak internet connections (our SLOW mode).
    Furthermore, the interface has been designed to remain simple, intuitive, yet with advanced features for you to create a stunning travel website.
  • What are the prerequisites for starting a travel blog?
    None. Skipperblogs was designed from the start to be simple and intuitive. Even though some modules bring advanced features, you don’t need them to start writing your blog and telling your adventures. Besides, you are not alone to create your website, you can at any time contact me at to receive personalized help or you can visit the help pages at
  • How can I ask for help when I need it?
    Contact me anytime at , I will be glad to help you. You can also browse the support pages at
  • Can I test Skipperblogs without paying?
    Yes. You can create a free (lifetime) account to create your website and discover all free features. If you want to test Premium or Pro features, write me a message, I will be happy to offer you a trial.
  • Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?
    Yes, you can be fully refunded within 90 days without any justification. Just write me a message at to do so.
  • Can I change my subscription if I don’t like the chosen plan?
    Yes, you can change your subscription at any time in the dashboard. Note that there is no refund of subscriptions started more than 90 days ago.
  • What are trackings and how does it work?
    On Skipperblogs, trackings are "modules" responsible for communicating with your various geolocation devices. For example, Iridium tracking, will be responsible for receiving messages of your Iridium device and update your location on the map. The AIS tracking will, meanwhile, regularly question the AIS network to find a new position that your transponder will have transmitted.
    Once activated, any tracking will regularly (every hour) update your position on the map. It will also add country and weather data to the new waypoint. All trackings can be used together and can be enabled/disabled at any time.
  • I do not want to be tracked down!
    You decide when your position can be updated. You can disable automatic trackings and manually update your position on the map.
    Beyond that, as location data are always coming from your devices, you decide to share your location or not.
  • Is Skipperblogs compatible with my onboard devices?
    A variety of "trackings" have been developed to meet the most common uses. AIS tracking will work if you are equipped with a transponder. Iridium, InReach or SPOT tracking will work if you have one of these devices (with a data subscription).
    E-mail tracking is the most versatile and will work with any device or program that can send a simple e-mail.
    That said, if you are using a device or technology that is not present on Skipperblogs, please contact me and I will see if I can integrate it as a new tracking.
  • What about security? What will happen in the event of a technical incident or cyber attack against my website or Skipperblogs?
    Beyond common security practices, an advanced backup solution keeps your website safe.
    All your data, articles, images, documents and GPS tracks are saved 4 times a day to another datacenter. In case of an incident, all the content of your website can be restored.
    Furthermore, you can download all your data at any time with the export module. The exported files are in standard formats (Wordpress xml, GPX, zip), so you can continue your blog by importing your data again on another online service.
  • Can I use my smartphone to manage my blog or do I have to do everything with a computer?
    Most of the dashboard functionalities are accessible with a smartphone. That said, for some features like the map editor, your experience will be better by using.
  • Will my website be indexed on search engines, or is it possible to remain «incognito» and share our adventures only with those we want?
    You can disable website indexing, through the dashboard, to tell search engines not to index your site; so it will not appear in the results of search engines. In addition, you can add a password for certain articles or pages that you wish to show to smaller audience.
  • Can I use my own domain name?
    Absolutely. You can update its configuration (by following one of our guides) to redirect your visitors to your Skipperblogs website.
    If you do not have a domain name, you can buy one directly from Skipperblogs at a great price.
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    Payment can be made with a credit card. Supported brands are

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