A new subscription plan and many updates

12 October, 2022

Skipperblogs is a platform where you can create our own real website and display your voyage on a big map. But many of you asked if it was possible to use the map on their existing website. And at first I didn't think about this possibility, that users only wanted to use the map and tracking and not the rest.

But since the motto on Skipperblogs is "You ask, I code", I propose you today an intermediate plan between the Free and Premium subscription. It has everything from the Free plan, but it includes map sharing and all tracking services for a lower cost. When subscribing to the Skipperblogs Tracking plan, you will be able to create a personalized map (also with 16 new map baselayers, 25 in total), embed it on your existing website via an IFRAME tag and set up tracking for your boat. Here is an example of embedded map.

If you are not a big writer and you just want your family and friends know where you are, you can also simply use our MapOnly theme which displays a full page map. Here is an example.

In this Version 6 you will find also a new free Theme "Andaman" and many little improvements and bug fixes.

I hope you will enjoy this new way to use Skipperblogs and as always, don't hesitate to share your ideas, questions and remarks as it helps me to develop and improve the platform.

Fair winds !